workshop to be held on efficient managment of water distribution

AURANGABAD: The Water and Land Management Institute, Aurangabad (WALMI), has organised a joint workshop for its engineers and Tamil Nadu executive engineers on 'Efficient management of water distribution through polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipeline' on Tuesday. "The aim is to create awareness about the innovative technique which is economical and very easy to operate," said assistant professor Pradeep Bhalge.

"Around 40 engineers from across the state including Pune, Mumbai, Nasik, Kolhapur and Sangli are participating in the training session," said Bhalge.

"Generally, 83% of stored water is used in irrigation sector. The water is released as per the availability and demand of the beneficiaries. In general open channel gravity flow, water distribution is used to supply irrigation water. The conveyance losses in these systems are significant and are increasing day by day. Poor maintenance is one of the major causes," explained Bhalge.

He said, "Lining to the inner surface of the open channel is a solution to reduce the conveyance losses. But it is costly, cannot be adapted economically to the secondary and tertiary networks. Nowadays, PVC pipe of various diameters are available everywhere. In Maharashtra, some Water User Associations (WUA) have replaced the open channel water distribution network by gravity flow PVC pipe network and achieved zero conveyance losses and high water use efficiency. With adoption of the new techniques, area irrigated is manifold."

"A four-day workshop on the similar topic has also been organised on May 20, which will be attended by around 25 engineers from Tamil Nadu," said associate professor Avinash Garudkar.

"Adoption of precisely designed PVC pipe distribution network helps to increasing water use efficiency for water and food security, water management is made easy, water can be delivered to the user at right time, right place and right quantity," explained Garudkar. WALMI has trained around 200 engineers from various states such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Chattisgarh.