huda to supply canal water for construction

GURGAON: The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is planning to provide canal water to builders for construction purposes.

"The option of supplying canal water to builders is being worked out. The details and the procedure will be finalized soon," said Praveen Kumar, HUDA administrator. As per the tentative plan, builders will have to ferry canal water from Chandu Budhera water treatment plant (WTP) through water tankers.

The canal water supply is likely to increase by the end of this month. Till the time builders are allowed to use canal water, they will have to take treated water from the sewage treatment plants (STPs) for construction.

After the Punjab and Haryana high court ban on the use of underground water by builders in Gurgaon, the HUDA had decided to provide treated water for construction. According to an estimate, this is saving 2 lakh litres of underground water every day. The HUDA is also providing drinking water to thousands of workers at construction sites.

Before allowing water supply, HUDA has taken details of all real estate projects in the city. Daily discharge at HUDA STPs is about 33 million gallons per day (MGD), which is more than the demand for construction uses.

Many builders say that the treated water from STP is not good enough for construction. "If HUDA can supply canal water for construction purposes, it would help us. The canal water is better than treated water from STPs," said a realtor.

Some builders are considering installing their own water treatment plants. "If HUDA doesn't provide canal water, we will have to install a water treatment plant because water coming from STPs is just not usable," said an executive of a real estate company. (TOI)

Source - Times Of India (TOI).