no water woes for three villages in sinnar

NASHIK: Revival of the British era check dams in Devnadi and Malungi rivers has changed the face of Bhatwadi, Wadgaon and Temburwadi (Ashapur) villages in drought-hit Sinnar tehsil in Nashik district. Even when the area is reeling under severe drought and is dependant on tankers for drinking water supply, these villages boast of not just sufficient drinking water but also enough water for farming.

Sunil Pote, one of the founders of Yuva Mitra (NGO) which had revived the check dams in Sinnar in 2011. "These are the only villages which do not need water tankers. The check dams are providing water to 1,280 hectares of land in Bhatwadi, 1,800 hectares of land in Wadgaon and Temburwadi (Ashapur). Revival of the check dams has led to diversion-based irrigation systems in these villages. Farmers in the area have also grown better rabbi crops than last year."

Encouraged by the success of the check dams, the NGO has also revived check dams at Lonarwadi last week and is now working on Belamba Canal.

"In all, there are 295 sites in Nashik district where check dams can be revived but funds remain a major issue. The projects in Bhatwadi, Wadgaon and Temburwadi (Ashapur) were funded by Dorabji Tata Trust. For Lonarwadi and Belamba, we have got funds from Nashik Run Charitable Trust," Pote said.

According to a 1912 document by British official S M Baker, the British have constructed such check dams on 295 rivers in the district, which if revived can provide water to more than 295 villages. Pote said the NGO will try and revive as many check dams as possible so that more people benefit from them.

Source - Times Of India (TOI).